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By linkinlayra

maaliskuu 20, 2012


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I wanna share my thoughts about one thing. I met one ”a new” lp-fan. I mean she was just found Linkin Park music so she wanted to ask me anything about the band (history, albums, live concerts etc). Then after a long discussion she told me ”I’m so sad that I have no money to join in the LPU, I’ve only one album, I haven’t seen LP live and I’m not as good as fan as you were even a featured member tho”.
That makes me almost cry! Why on earth she thinks that the numbers of albums, fan-stuff and live concerts defines are you a real fan. NO.

In fact I hate that word.. I’m not a fan. I love Linkin Park music, I love the way how the band cares about LP fans and I love to talk with other fans who knows my feelings. When I see a person who knows Joe’s adress and phonenumber, what cigarettes Chester smokes, or his/her room filled up ”fan stuff” I see only a bad obsession. That doesn’t tell me that he/she is a REAL FAN. you can be a real fan even if you have nothing.  Don’t get wrong. I have seen many many cool collectors! They have many cool LP stuff which they have got with a hard work. And I’m not saying that every ”grazy fans” are bad fans. Everybody has their own way to show their love. But in my opinion some people (not everybody) should calm down. I’ve seen very bad situations when biggest fan turned obsessed stalker 😀 that’s not cool.

To be honest I used to be ”a grazy fan”. I couldn’t think anything but LP. Sometimes, especially when LP gig date is coming up I’m grazy again :’D but still I can calm myself. I’m not saying that I don’t care LP anymore. I mean I honor&love LP even more now.  After the LPU Summit in London I realized that they are just human beings. They breath and live just like us. They are still like gods to me but in a different way.

But remember – No one can tell you are you a real or a big fan. Only you know that 🙂 in fact we don’t need to be a fan, we can just like their music or band members. 

These are just my thoughts! I don’t want to generalize neither. Like I said in my opinion you are not the biggest fan in the world if you have every LP fan item in your home but that doesn’t mean that you are a bad fan. We are all in the same line 🙂